PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb


PA1 is an effect plug-in that uses a pure numerical model to recreate the classic sound of plate reverbs.

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Frequency-dependent decay

PA1 has individual T60 decay times over 8 different frequency bands. This allows you to adjust the decay of specific elements of a track, for example adding extra reverb just to the hi-hats of a drum beat. Combined with the high and low shelving EQ, you have complete control of the frequency content of your sound.

Fully adjustable plate

As this is a physical model we can adjust the size, tension and material of the plate itself. The area can be set between 1 and 6m2, and the variable aspect ratio changes the plate from a square to a thin rectangle. There are 5 different materials, including the standard steel plate, gold, and titanium. These controls allow you to create a plate that is specifically tuned to your source material.

Pure numerical modelling

PA1 does not use impulse responses or delay networks. Instead we start from a mathematical description, the Kirchhoff plate equation. This gives the displacement in terms of size, thickness, and tension, as well as the properties of the chosen material (Young's modulus, density, and Poisson's ratio). Using this description we calculate up to 6,000 modes of vibration for the system to give a dense and rich reverberant quality. Further details of our original and innovative algorithm design can be found in this technical paper which we published at the International Congress on Acoustics in 2016.

Factory Presets

PA1 comes with over 40 factory presets created by producer Simone Coen.